Otter Creek Classes


2018 Beginner Trap Class


Saturday, May 12, 2018
Lecture to begin at 1:00pm (inside clubhouse)

There will be a 60 minute lecture/demo on:
Guns and chokes
Gun patterns
Difference between trap and skeet
Foot placement on stations
Hold points
Legal targets
One eye vs two eye
Difference between Singles (16 yards), Handicap and doubles


Class will adjourn outside to trap 3 for live shooting.
The trap will be locked to throw straight away targets.
Each person will be observed and guided for proper stance
and shooting form to establish self confidence and to have FUN!

Things you will need to bring:
Hearing Protection
Eye Protection
Working/Safe Shotgun
2-4 Boxes of Shells

If you are interested in taking a basic class to help you understand the process flow of trap shooting, please send an email or stop out to the club during our regular open times.