League Trap Rules

League President - Mary Stalker - 319 360 0834

League Secretary - Pat Carlson - 319 573 2028


Mary Stalker

Errol Lindsey

Pat Carlson

Paul Carlson

Kelley Prull




Each team has a sponsor.  The sponsors have made this sporting activity possible

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  1. Sponsor fees – each team = $45. Sponsor fee must be paid before the league start date.
  1. Otter Creek Sportsman’s Club Membership Fee = $40 single/family (family membership applies to spouse and dependent children). Shooter’s membership must be paid by the end of the fourth week or their scores will NOT be posted.
  1. Starting date of league, shoot offs and trophy presentations are as indicated by the club calendar and website.
  1. The first three weeks must be shot by the end of the third week. After the initial three weeks, each week must be shot by end of week indicated in the calendar.  There will be no make-up without a valid reason.  Shooters may shoot the entire 16’s portion in advance if desired.  On handicap, shooters should NOT shoot more than two weeks ahead due to the possible change in their yardage. Exceptions to the two weeks by permission of the League Secretary only.
  1. The registration of handicap targets will not start until after week 6.
  1. There must be at least five shooters and no more than eight on each team.
  1. League members shall be provided with a membership card with space for each week’s scores. It is the SHOOTER’S RESPONSIBILITY to keep track of the weeks and scores which have been shot.
  1. Each team must have a team captain. Only team captains may register a complaint with the League Secretary for their team members or team.
  1. Shooters who will permanently miss the remaining part of the league for a valid reason may be replaced with the consent of the League Secretary. The replacement must use scores already shot and posted.  Handicap will be determined by the Handicap and Classification Committee using Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) guidelines.  The replacement will not be in the running for any individual high score trophies earned by his/her scores.
  1. Written request for make-up must be made to the League Secretary before the week to be missed has ended.
  1. The competition week BEGINS on Monday and ENDS on Sunday night. Scheduled shooting days are TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SUNDAY.  League or practice shooting is permitted on any of these days as long as it does not conflict with any special program.  THE CLUB WILL BE CLOSED THE WEEK OF THE IOWA STATE TRAP SHOOT.  FOR THIS WEEK, THE END OF WEEK IS ADJUSTED AS PER THE CALENDAR AND WEBSITE.
  1. On ATA shoot days, there will be ONE trap available for league and practice. Please watch the calendar for shoot dates and plan your shooting in advance.


    1. Write name legibly
    2. Team number
    3. Number of week to be registered and STAMPED IN RED
    4. Handicap yardage when needed
  1. Shooters will shoot for score in consecutive week order. If duplicate scores are recorded, the lowest score will count for the week concerned and others for that week shall be void and not transferable.
  1. In league classes where an odd number of teams exist, the odd team of the week will shoot against its own average score calculated by any combination of the nearest three weeks scores (either previous or following). Previous scores will take precedence when calculating the average.   Raw scores will be used in the calculation.
  1. The high individual score on total 16 yard and handicap targets combined will be awarded a trophy. All ties will shoot off.  The shoot off will be 25 – 16 yard targets and 25 handicap targets.
  1. No target will be changed from lost to dead once the shooter has left the post from which the target being questioned was shot.
  1. Shooters should ask the puller or scorer to call lost targets loud enough so that everyone on the squad can year. Scores should be read after every five targets.
  1. Shooters should remain at their positions until the puller or scorer has read the scores for that position and has called the change.
  1. Individual shooters who cannot be placed on a team may buy a club membership and shoot for individual class trophies only.
  1. The ATA Rule Book will be used along with the league rules to govern league shooting.
  1. Tied team scores will be decided by the 6th, 7th or 8th scores on an equal number of members per teams.
  1. League Shoot-Offs will be held per the club’s calendar and website. We prefer that all ties be shot off on that date.  A team or individual involved in a shoot-off will shoot at NO CHARGE ON THE LEAGUE SHOOT-OFF DAY – OTHERS WHO SHOOT DURING THE WEEK PREVIOUS TO THE SPECIFIED DATE WILL PAY FOR THEIR SHOOT-OFF TARGETS AT THE REGULAR PRICE.


  1. Shooters will be classified using Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) guidelines after they have completed the first four weeks of 16 yard competition and/or by known ability.
  1. Each individual class winner will be awarded a trophy and all ties will shoot off at the end of league.
  1. Averages of shooters on a team during the first three weeks will determine which class the team shoots in. The scores of the top five team members for each of the three matches shall be totaled and shall be used to establish the team handicap. Taking the team average, subtract 120 and use sixty percent of the difference as team’s handicap.  No team can be handicapped to more than a score of 120.

EXAMPLE:    Top five members have scores totaling 112, 114 and 118.  Total equals 344.  Dividing by 3 equals 114.6.  Rounding to 115 and taking the difference between 115 and 120 we have 5.  Taking sixty percent of 5 gives 3.  Added to the totals gives us 115, 117 and 120 as no team total with a bird handicap added can be more than 120.

  1. In computing all team averages, the fractions will be figured to the nearest tenth for all competitive rounds. Percentage points below 0.5 will be dropped, and those 0.5 and above will be rounded to the next highest number.


  1. Five yardage groups = 18-19.5, 20-20.5, 21-22.5, 23-24.5, 25-27
  1. ATA shooters will start league at the yardage punched on their ATA average card on the first night of their handicap shooting.
  1. ATA shooters that no longer shoot registered targets will start the league on yardage last assigned to them by the ATA.
  1. ATA average cards must be used for proof of change in yardage.
  1. Non ATA shooters will be assigned yardage according to previous two years scores and by known ability.
  1. Shooters will receive added yardage for the following reasons only:
    1. For leading a yardage group after every fifty targets and all ties will receive one yard for a score of 45 or more of the 50 – i.e., if the high score of one of the yardage groups is a 48, that shooter (and ties) will receive one yard added.
    2. Second place and all ties will receive one-half yard. In the yardage groups where the high score was less than 45 of the 50, the high shooter (and ties) will receive one-half yard.
  1. Shooters should NOT shoot more than two weeks ahead during handicap due to the possible change in their yardage after every 50 targets. Exceptions to the two weeks by permission of the League Secretary only.
  1. Shooters who shoot more than two weeks ahead of schedule and have had their yardage changed will be required to re-shoot those weeks at the cost of the shooter. If targets have to be re-shot, they will be notified by the League Secretary and a time limit set for re-shooting will be agreed upon.
  1. It will be the SHOOTER’S RESPONSIBILITY to know his correct yardage at all times and to make sure that he is standing on the correct yardage when they shoot their targets. In the event it is discovered that a shooter is shooting from the incorrect yardage, the round must be re-shot from the correct yardage.


  1. Team Trophies shall be awarded as follows:
    1. If there are 4 teams in a class, then 1st place will be awarded.
    2. If there are 5 to 8 teams in a class then 1st and 2nd place will be awarded.
  1. Sixteen yard trophies (individual) will be awarded by class – i.e., the high shooter in each class.
  1. Handicap trophies will be awarded by yardage group, i.e., the high shooter in each group. Shooters will remain assigned to the group in which they started regardless of earned yardage.

High Overall score (16 Yard & Handicap) is awarded an individual trophy. In addition, their name is engraved on a Travelling Trophy.