League Schedule

2020 Trap League

Summer Trap League

End: Sept 20th, 2020

Due to the storm on August 10th,
please see changes below!


Summer Trap League Shooters
Shoot when you can! You can shoot ahead or behind, as long as you have completed all 10 weeks of both singles and handicap by September 20, 2020.


Handicap Change
The 2 weeks pairings that remain are:

Weeks 5 & 6
Weeks 7 & 8
Weeks 9 & 10

If within those weeks pairings, you break a 47 or 48 you gain a 1/2 yard. If you break a 49 or 50 you gain 1 yard. You can still shoot ahead or behind, but the week pairs noted above will be where you would gain yardage.


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September 27

League Shoot Off's

Membership Shoot

Annual Meeting

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Past League Results

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