Otter Creek Sportsman’s Club is located near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  There are 6 trap fields and one combo skeet/trap field.

Public Hours

Sundays: 12 - 4pm

Starting May 17, 2020, Otter Creek S.C. will be open on Sunday's only from Noon until 4pm. We will be following the State & County guidelines for Covid-19. Signage will be posted. If you are not feeling well or have been in close contact with someone who has/had Covid-19, PLEASE STAY HOME!


What to expect:

  • The clubhouse will be closed to shooters (except restrooms). Transactions will take place in front of the clubhouse.
  • We will NOT be selling shells, drinks, snacks, merchandise, etc. Bring what you need.
  • CASH only and/or your OC blue plastic target card. A round of 25 will be $5.00. We can add money to your card if need be. NO credit or debit cards!
  • If you'd like to purchase a card, there is a $20 deposit, plus the $ amount you'd like to put on the card (NO credit or debit cards).
  • You will be given a ticket when you pay (with cash) for a round. Give that ticket to a Director before taking the line.
  • Traps 2, 3, 4 & Skeet will be open.
  • One (1) of the traps will be designated for use by members with their own target card and may only shoot with others using their own target card.
  • Two (2) traps will be open for those paying with CASH.
  • There will be no sign-up sheets. Squadding is on a first come/first serve basis. No scorers or score sheets, keep track on your own.
  • When you are on the line, the mic's are live. Please refrain from talking. The card system allows 27 targets/shooter to complete a round of 25.  Those 2 extra targets cover the "Let's see 1" and all other trap arm swings (broken targets, etc.).
  • Groups smaller than 10 & follow Social Distancing practices!

The idea is to get out and shoot! It will be great to see some of our fellow shooters, but please leave when you are done shooting. The time will come when we don't have to worry about such things anymore. Stay up to date by visiting Otter Creek's Facebook page & our website. This is a work in progress & there will be other changes coming down the road. Those changes/updates will be posted on those respective pages.


Trap League - There will be a summer league, but the start date & the length are yet to be determined. We are excited and think you will like the new format.


Otter Creek S.C. BOD


2020 Calendar


Spring Newsletter

Upcoming Events

June 6 & 7 - ATA


July 3 - ATA


July 4 - ATA

100 Singles
100 Handicap
50 Pair Doubles

July 5 - ATA

Prelim Handicap
$1,000 Handicap

Presquad for July 4th & 5th:

Opens: 5/23/2020 @ 7:00pm (Central)
Closes: 7/1/2020 @ 10:00pm (Central)

2020 Trap Clinics

Nora Martin Ross

Clinics Canceled

Harlan Campbell Jr.

Clinics Canceled

Events Calendar

Physical Address:

9001 Milburn Road
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

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